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Natural Tocopherol

The flavor and nutritive value of foods are spoiled when lipid peroxides are generated by oxidization of fats and oils, which is known to exert harmful effect upon the human body. A known method to prevent oxidation is use of antioxidant. Conventionally, synthetic antioxidants such as BHA, BHT and gallates have been widely used. Recently, however, there is an increasing number of consumers who prefer natural products. Thus, Tocopherol, a natural antioxidant, has come into the public eye.

With increased consumer awareness about the use of natural food additives, natural tocopherols have become an important ingredient for retarding oxidation to keep food products fresh as in their initial state. We offer full consulting services on solutions for the problem of oxidation.

Riken Products

Form Trade Name Component Total Toc
Typical Homologue Ratio (%)
Alpha-Toc Beta,
Oil Riken E-oil Series Mixed
500 min -
  700 min
5-15 55-65 -
Powder Riken Dry E-Mix series Mixed
(by NF XIII)
5-15 55-65 25-40
Emulsion Riken E-Emulsion
140 min
(by NF XIII)
0-3 75 25
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