Function and Application of Poem DO-100V

Poem DO-100V: Fat and Oil Improver-(self-emulsifying liquid oil)

As a result of mixing DO-100V into the liquid vegetable oil, it is possible to improve oil into self-emulsifying oil.
Self-emulsifying means oil dispersing into water by simple agitation. Therefore it is possible to disperse the oil into liquid seasoning, sauce and batter easily without homogenizer or homogenizing process.
Besides, though liquid seasoning, sauce and batter are the aqueous system, the oil is attached to foods easily.


What is Emutech?

left: Emutech / right: vegetable oil

Emutech is processed edible oil made by modifying the surface chemical properties, and is quite dispersible in water.

Emutech Dispersibility

Emutech is added into water solution, is mixed with simply agitation. Emutech blends easily with water and water-based foodstuffs even in small amount.

Our product Emutech is developed by means of applying the property of DO-100V.
Emutech is oil, but it is matched to water or hydrophilic food ingredients. And it is dispersed into water by simple agitation.
Left photo shows that stirred 5% vegetable oil into water. Right photo shows that stirred 5% Emutech into water. The vegetable oil separate from water, but Emutech is dispersed into water.

Emutechs Properties

The difference in face contact angles, one and one half minutes after Emutech and rape seed oil are dropped on to wheat dough (aqueous), are observed and measured. Compared to result of rapeseed oil, Emutech apparently shows a thinner cover area, and its ability to blend easily with water.

left: Emutech / right: Vegetable oil

Effects for additive to water

Oil(MCT) is lightly applied on two iron plates. Water or a mixture of water and Emutech are dropped on each plate. The face contact angles are observed and measured one and one half minutes later. As a result, the mixture of water and Emutech have spread thinner over a wider area of the oil, and showed its remarkable ability to blend with oil.

left: Water / right: Mixture of Emutech and water

Effect of Emutech

  1. Dispersing oil to food ingredients
  2. Releasing effect
  3. Improving texture
  4. Anti fluttering and anti-aggregation of powder food.

Dispersing oil to food ingredients

Application of Emutech to pasta sauce
Here is an example of applying Emutech to food. Since Emutech is oil, it easily disperses in pasta sauce by blending easily into food ingredients. The sauce with Emutech spreads onto pasta, coating the pasta with a gloss, so that even pasta is cold, they won’t tangle.

left : sauce without Emutech / right : sauce with 5% Emutech

Releasing effect

Here is an example of the releasing effect when applied to cooked rice. Emutech is dispersed into the rice cooker and coats rice grains uniformly. So the cooked rice is separated from rice cooker with below half amount of vegetable oil. We colored the vegetable oil and Emutech and compared their dispersing conditions. Emutech is dispersed into the rice cooker uniformly.

left : rice with 2% vegetable oil  / right : rice with 1% Emutech

Improving texture

Here is an example of texture improvement when applied to pancakes.

Emutech is dispersed finely into flour dough giving the pancake soft texture.

Measuring the hardness of the pancake dough using a rheometer, the baked pancake dough with Emutech is softer than that of those without Emutech.

(Right bar graph: without Emutech; Left bar graph: with 3% Emutech)

Emutech can be applied to many different baked foods such as snacks, donuts, and flour paste.
Test Formula
Material Weight
medium grain flour 74.6
white sugar 11.0
glucose 5.9
table salt 0.3
skim milk 5.9
baking powder 2.2
Emutech 3.0
whole egg 28.0
water 79.8

Baking conditions

Batter: 200g
Temperature: 160°C
Time: Top 6 minutes, bottom 5.5 minutes
Rheometer stress
When both parts of the pancake were compressed to 1cm, the stress measure was taken by the rheometer.
When the value was small, they were soft.

Anti fluttering and anti-aggregation of powder food.

Prevents powdered foods from fluttering and aggregating (lumping).
(Application to Cocoa)

Here is an example of powdered foods, when applied to cocoa powder.
With the application of Emutech, it is possible to prevent cocoa powder from fluttering and aggregating (lumping).

left : without Emutech /  right : with 2% Emutech

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