Distilled Diglycerine Ester

Distilled diglycerine ester is a substance that diglycerine reacts with fatty acids, and its monoester content is heightened by distillation. One molecule of diglycerine is bound with one molecule of fatty acid in a chemical formula of distilled diglycerine ester. Distilled diglycerine ester consists of three hydroxyl groups, therefore, it possesses more hydrophilic properties than monoglyceride which is the most used in the world.

Structural Formula

Polyol Composition of Diglycerine Monostearate

This polyol sites diglycerine monostearate as a distilled diglycerine ester of fatty acid analyzed by GC.
There are few detectable peaks, and over 90% of the peaks are diglycerine.

Ester Composition of Diglycerine Monostearate

This is the ester composition of diglycerine monostearate, which is analyzed by GC. The detected peaks are little, and those are divided only C16 and C18.

HPLC Analysis of Polyglycerine Ester

This is the ester composition analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC). The broad peak, which is not divided, is detected in tetraglycerine monostearate. On the other hand, one sharp peak of monoester is detected in diglycerine monostearate.
In this way, it can be seen from the data of GC and HPLC that distilled diglycerine ester is made from distilled diglycerine and its monoester is distilled too.

Phase diagrams of glycerine monostearate

When distilled diglycerine ester is compared with distilled monoglyceride on the phase behavior of aqueous system, the merit of distilled diglycerine ester is defined.
The emulsifier’s behavior of aqueous system is expressed by means of the phase diagram. This is the phase diagram of glycerine monostearate. In dispersion area the emulsifier is dispersed into water uniformly and the function of the emulsifier is brought out fully.
Dispersion area of glycerine monostearate is a limited area where the water content is over 50% and the temperature is 57** to 69**. Over 70** glycerine monostearate turns to gel, and its function can't be brought out.

Phase diagrams of diglycerine monostearate

This is the phase diagram of diglycerine monostearate that is composed of saturated fatty acids as glycerine monostearate.
The dispersion area of diglycerine monostearate is where the water content is over 50% and the temperature is 40°C to 95°C. As compared with glycerine monostearate, its dispersion area is larger.

Phase diagrams of glycerine monooleate

This is the phase diagram of glycerine monooleate that is composed of unsaturated fatty acids.
Glycerine monooleate turns to gel in water. Consequently it has no dispersion area.

Phase diagrams of diglycerine monooleate

But diglycerine has large dispersion area from low temperature to high temperature.
Because distilled diglycerine ester has a very large dispersion area in the water, it is easy to use and easy to bring out its function.
On the other hand, in the case of dissolving in oil, it can be dissolved fully by means of heating.

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