wakame salad


Wakame seaweed is a traditional Japanese favorite that is increasing in popularity because of a consumer health-oriented awareness of its abundant vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Riken's special technologies produce a dried curl wakame product that makes it easy to use without sacrificing any natural nutrients. We welcome enquire about wakame product development.

Product Uses

Wakame soup, seafood salad,
Instant noodles and cup noodle ingredients.

Just in Case You Haven't

WAKAME is an edible sea vegetable, full of benefits from nature, eaten as a staple food for centuries in Japan and Korea where its healthful benefits have been long realized. Recently WAKAME has drawn much attention in Europe and North America as a nutritious, easy to use food.

What's So Special About WAKAME?
WAKAME may be prepared in a variety of ways.
Due to its versatility and mild flavor, you may include WAKAME in various dishes, and by using your imagination create entirely new ones.
WAKAME is the king of alkaline foods. Also WAKAME is rich in minerals, especially iodine. Therefore, we recommend RIKEN WAKAME for your good health.


Uniquely processed by RIKEN in order to preserve its natural benefits, RIKEN DRIED WAKAME features long shelf life, quick and easy restoration to its natural state (simply add water), and a great food value.
You can enjoy RIKEN WAKAME anytime, anywhere. No additives, preservatives or colorants are added, and the highest sanitary standards are observed.
RIKEN hopes that you will introduce RIKEN WAKAME as a regular part of your dishes, so that you may enjoy this treasure from the Ocean.

a) Dried WAKAME
b) Expanded WAKAME

expands to approximately 20 times its size when soaked.

Add to water

  After a few min. Expanded and softened.
Drain water after 3-5 min. (depending On Water temp.)
for best texture.
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