Full-bodied flavors that add a depth and detectable taste to cooking. Sensational flavor every time, in an easy way, by adding goodness to the materials and production process.


  • Soy Sauce Powder
  • HAP and HVP
    Hydrolyzed animal protein
    Hydrolized vegetable protein and its compounded seasoning.
  • Seasoning Oil
    Beef type and Chicken type with strong roast taste and flavor.

Chicken Flavor

Both grades available strong Cooking Flavor in powder type and Broth in liquid type.
  • Chicken Flavor Powder F-201
    Cooking Flavor in powder type obtained from cooking of fresh chicken meat.
  • Chicken Flavor Powder CP-1
    Excellent Chicken Flavor obtained from fresh chicken meat and chicken extrract.
  • Chicken Broth CM-1
    Broth in liquid type from concerntration of chicken broth.

Sea Food Flavor

  • Bonito Fillet Extract
    Paste type, extracted and concentrated from fresh Fish Fillet.
  • Scallop Flavor Powder and Paste
    Two grades avalable, strong taste / flavor type based on Scallop Ligament and Scallop Extract and Chinese flavor type.
  • Fermented Fish Sauce Powder
    Good savory and taste powder obtained from fresh fish and shell products. Two grade avalable, Fish Flavor and Shrimp Flavor.

Beef Flavor

Both grades available, strong Roast Flavor and Cooking Flavor.
  • Beef Flavor Powder F-101
    Cooking Flavor in powder type obtained from cooking base of fresh beef meat.
  • Beef Flavor Powder BP-1
    Roast Flavor in powder type obtained from roasted fresh beef meat. onion and others.
  • Beef Flavor Paste S-987
    Roast Flavor in paste type with flavorite taste obtained from 'Saute' cooking of fresh beef onion and others.

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