Food Emulsifier

An emulsifier is generally known as a substance that stably emulsifies liquids that are not blended with each other, such as oil and water. However, a food emulsifier has a number of functions that include not only emulsification but also dispersion, infiltration, foaming, defoaming, mold-release, bacterio-statics, and mutual actions between starch and protein. Food is a complicated mixture of carbohydrates, proteins, oils and fats, water, and air. Food emulsifiers are used to help these properties in a variety of mutual actions that improve the quality of food.

RIKEN VITAMIN utilizes its distillation and concentration technology for vitamins to offer a wide range of emulsifiers that have a high purity, good flavor and taste. Halal and Kosher compatible types are also available. We try to meet user's demands as well, by preparing compounded products that are improved in function and use according to each kind of food. Furthermore, we provide support to our clients with applications, knowledge and experience we have gained over the years, as a leading emulsifier manufacturer.

Emulsifiers Made from 100% Vegetable Oils

Factory established in Malaysia enables us to produce emulsifiers made from 100% vegetable oils, mainly from palm oils, which can be used in Halal and Kosher foods.


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