RIPLEX Various Advantages in Dairy Products

Good Stability

The RIPLEX series works to provide emulsion stability to beverages throughout entire shelf life thus ensuring good suspension of cocoa particles as well as reducing the probability of fat separation and syneresis.


UHT Chocolate Milk after 3 months storage

Mouthfeel Control

By using RIPLEX DU series, mouthfeel of beverage can be adjusted according to customer’s desired preference. Therefore, usage of RIPLEX DU series is not constricted by product’s recipe or each country’s mouthfeel preference.

mouthfeel graph

Good Whipping Ability

Most commonly desired characteristics of a good whipping cream are high overrun and a stable whipped product. Adding RIPLEX WT series in whipping cream mix will increase mix’s ability to achieve higher overrun. In addition, the resulting product’s stability and stiffness are also improved.

overrun graph

Whipping performance of whipping cream using WT series

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