EXCELAIS's Various Advantages in Frozen Dessert

Improvement of Mouth feel

ice photo With EXCELAIS, mouth feel of frozen dessert will be improved in accordance to your desired preference. Creamier mouth feel, easier to melt, softer or more solid texture, etc.

Prevention of Mix Separation During Aging Time

When frozen dessert mix is kept for a long time, for example during aging time, separation in the mix might occur. Freezing of the separated mix will produce frozen dessert mix separationwith uneven quality.
EXCELAIS will help to prevent mix separation from happening.

Increase Melting Tolerance

Melting tolerance is one of the essential property in frozen dessert. Be it during processing, transportation, storage in shop or when consumed, melting tolerance is crucial. EXCELAIS can help melting phototo significantly increase melting tolerance of frozen dessert.

melting graph

Improving Heat Shock Tolerance

During transportation, frozen dessert is exposed to temperature changes which might cause a decline in its quality. This is usually signaled by the growth of ice crystal or shrinking.heat shock EXCELAIS will considerably prevent these damages caused by heat shock.

Increase Overrun Stability

A vital characteristic of good frozen dessert is having smooth (small) air bubbles that are evenly distributed.
Using EXCELAIS will help achieve the desired overrun as well as maintain overrun overrunstability.

overrun graph
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