EXCELAIS: New Generation Stabilizer and Emulsifier System for Frozen Dessert

EXCELAIS is the new generation Stabilizer-Emulsifier system from Riken Vitamin, designed to ensure 100% consumers satisfaction. Created by carefully combining the most suitable emulsifier and stabilizer, EXCELAIS series is able to provide a great variation in frozen dessert characteristics. This includes ice cream with improved mouth feel, improved melting resistance, as well as ice cream that retain its shape beautifully.
As each EXCELAIS product is made from select ingredients with the highest quality and purity, only minimum amount is needed to produce the maximum effect, thus resulting in excellent cost efficiency.

In addition to that, EXCELAIS series solubility in frozen dessert mix is remarkably improved as compared to traditional powder blend and spray cooled Stabilizer-Emulsifier system.
Therefore, by using EXCELAIS, the benefit of having an excellent product and smooth production can be achieved in a most efficient way.

  1. All products are Halal & Kosher certified.

Technical Support

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reception office
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Using our latest ice cream pilot plant equipment in Rikevita Singapore Application Center, we are able to provide technical support for customer's new product development as well as product and processing improvement.

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