Emulsifier and Shortening

EXCELSPONGE - Cake Emulsifier

An aerating emulsifier in paste form especially for the cake manufacturer.
  1. Exerts good batter stability, aeration ability and oil tolerance in cake.
  2. Gives better texture and volume for cake.
  3. Maintains egg flavor in cake.

Recommended Dosage

5% to egg weight

Recipe : Sponge Cake
Ingredient %
Process : All in
Cake flour 100
Egg 200
Sugar 100
Baking powder 1
Water 20
Vegetable oil 10
Aeration & Batter stability

CRYSTAL ACE PL-300L - Liquid shortening for cake

An aerating shortening in liquid form especially for high fat content cake such as butter cake & pound cake.
  1. Fine and uniform cake internal structure
  2. Smooth cake surface
  3. Smoother and easier melt
  4. Mouthfeel of cake

Recommended Dosage

a. To give aeration : minimum 10%, standard 25%

b. To improve mouthfeel : minimum 5%, depends on recipe
The usage of CRYSTAL ACE PL300L is to replace 1/3 of oil in the recipe, if any, and all dosage(%) is against flour.

Recipe : Sponge Cake
Ingredient %
Process : All in
Cake flour 100
Sugar 100
Egg 100
Baking powder 1
Water 30
Oil 30
All in

Diperse well at low speed 1 min

Check SG

For baking : 350g batter put in 7” pan and baked at 165°C / 165°C for 35 minutes

SOFICAL T - Bakery Emulsifie

A bakery product softener that gives anti-staling property and enhance eating qualities especially in butter cake and biscuit.
  1. Smoother and easy-to-melt mouthfeel for butter cake
  2. Gives crispier mouthfeel and golden crust appearance to biscuit

Recommended dosage

1 - 2% to flour weight

Recipe : Biscuit
Ingredient %
Method : Traditional Creaming
Flour 100
Baking powder 5.8
Salt 1.8
Icing sugar 3.7
Shortening 17.8
Milk 50
Cream the shortening and SOFICAL T

Mix dry ingredient and creamed shortening at L 1-2'

Add in milk and mix for another 4 minutes (low speed)

Roll the dough sheet into 1mm using sheeting machine

Rest the sheet for 20 mins before cutting into 6cm diameter round shape

Baking : 230°C / 200°C, 6 mins

Result : Breaking Tension Result for Biscuit

Checked by Fudoh Rheometer
Breaking tension (g) 2940 1780

Biscuit sample with SOFICAL T has lower breaking tension than blank sample, hence the biscuit is crispier with SOFICAL T. Biscuit with SOFICAL T also gives an easier melted mouthfeel than blank sample.

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