Improving Agents and Emulsifiers
for Related Products

Riken provides solution to
improve cake quality and develop new product recipes

Emulsifiers for cake ensure speedier aeration and foam stability, give crumb softening effect and a pleasant mouthfeel. Foaming agent is one of the products that utilizes emulsifier’s function to the maximum. RIKEN has a variety of foaming agents offering excellent aeration and foam stability to suit various kinds of formulas.
All products are Halal & Kosher certified.

Benefits of RIKEN's products include :

Wide range of oil and fat content

Oil and fat give bad effect to foam stability. RIKEN's products improve foam and batter stability.

Tastier and softer cake products

Improve moistness and softness as well as retain egg flavor in the cake.

Wide application in various processes

Useful in any process, ranging from all-in method, after- flour method to continuous process, with good batter aeration and stability.

Cost saving

Increase product yield and reduce the chances of product failure as well as constant product quality.

Technical Support

reception office
reception office
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conference room

Using our latest cake pilot plant equipment in Rikevita Singapore Application Center, we are able to provide technical support for customer's new product development as well as product and process improvement.


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