Bakery Emulsifiers and Bread Improvers

Riken provides solution to
improve bread quality and develop new product recipes

  1. A full range of special improvers formulated to solve problems in industrial or craft bakeries.
  2. Better bread improver for quality bakery products.
  3. All products are Halal & Kosher certified.

BAKERY EMULSIFIERS are used by the food manufacturers to stabilize a dough system, to improve the volume and texture of the finished product and prolong its shelf life. Riken’s bakery emulsifiers continue to remain an integral additive to maintain the quality and shelf life of whether it is white bread, sweet bread, soft rolls or burger buns. Therefore, Riken’s bakery emulsifiers help to obtain a stable dough system which is important for industrial bread production.

RIKEN’S BREAD IMPROVER is a combination of ingredients, technological auxiliaries, additives and various raw materials which comprise all or part of oxidizing agents, reducing agents, emulsifiers, enzymes, various functioning ingredients. Bread improver has enabled the industrially-processed bread and bun consistently and economically. Bread improver enables the production process to be stream-lined by imparting extensibility and machine tolerance to the dough. Riken’s bread improvers provide consumers with the best types of bread, in terms of volume, crumb texture, appearance and mouthfeel. Riken’s range of bread improvers offer numerous processing benefits (stabilized and smooth production), storage benefits (by prolonging freshness of finished product) and organoleptic benefits (by improving the mouthfeel and aroma of the products).

Technical Support

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reception office
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Using our latest bakery pilot plant equipment in Rikevita Singapore Application Center, we are able to provide technical support for customer’s new product development as well as product and process improvement.

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