"Harmony of Nature and Scientific Technology:"
The Eternal Challenge

The March of Technology

The history of Riken Vitamin is a history of technological innovation. The company emerged as a domestic market leader with Vitamin A products, succeeded in the manufacturing of various seasonings such as monoglycerides and meat extract, and established the technologies for food processing.

With these factors laying the foundation for food business, Riken Vitamin has released a series of successful food products including wakame-based products, retorted foods and dressings. We will continue to engage in R&D in a diverse range of fields and take on fresh business possibilities.

Consumer foods
Commercial foods
Processed food ingredients
Food improvers
Chemical improvers
Vitamins and health foods
'49 - - Establishes RIKEN VITAMIN OIL CO., LTD.
'53 - - Succeeds in the molecular distillation of vitamin A
'59 -

Completes the development of meat extract production technology.

Starts Japan's first production of high-purity monoglyceride through molecular distillation

'63 Releases "Riken Soup Stock" - -
'64 Enters into the wakame business - -
'65 Releases "Fresh wakame Nama Wakame Wakame-chan" - Enters into the chemical field with improvers
'66 - Wins the Okochi Memorial Production Award with the "commercial application of distilled monoglyceride production with a domestic technology" -
'70 - Enters into the U.S. market -
'71 - - Starts the manufacturing of distilled acetylated monoglyceride and diglycerin ester
'72 Releases "Tofu recipe Mabo-chan" - -
'73 - - Develops a new lubricant for construction plastics, such as pipes
'75 - Starts the production of food improver at the Chiba Factory -
'76 Releases "Dried wakame FUERU WAKAME-CHANĀ®" Starts the production of natural colorants and glycyrrhizin preparation -
'81 Releases "Instant Wakame Soup" - -
'82 - Starts biotechnology research -
'85 - Starts full-scale production of Monascus -
'89 Releases "Non-Oil Super Dressing with Green Perilla", which subsequently wins the Superior Hit Product Award - Starts the manufacturing of additive masterbatch
'97 - Makes a full-scale release of diglycerin ester -
'00 Releases "Sozairyoku Japanese soup stock granules with no artificial flavors and added salt" - -
'05 - - Releases the Foods for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) "Wakame Peptide Jelly"
'06 - Starts the full-scale sales of triglycerol ester -
'08 - - Releases "Crocetin Eye Supplement"
'09 - - Releases "Glucosamine MX + Vitamin E tablet"
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