Modern Equipment and Well-disciplined
People Guarantee Safety and Quality

The "seed" nurtured by long hours of hard work at our research and development facilities grows and is brought to fruition as a commercial product at our production facilities. With our emphasis on health and nutrition, nothing is more important to us than maintaining the strictest standards of quality and safety through the latest, efficient facilities and vigilant quality control at all stages of development and manufacturing.

SOKA Factory

Established in 1968, the Soka Factory has steadily evolved to emerge as a mainstay factory that carries the food business department. It has adopted cutting-edge computer-controlled facilities to achieve large-scale automation. The active employment of food hygiene technologies has enabled the production of safe and tasty foods. The factory enforces thorough quality control of powdered, liquid and granulate products to deliver safety-assured products to the market.

  • Acquired ISO9001 certification in March, 2000
  • Acquired ISO14001 certification in July, 2002
soka factory

CHIBA Factory

The Chiba Factory was established in 1973 as a production base that incorporates a wide scope of Riken Vitamin's know-how in food processing to produce a variety of food additives. In 1983, the factory started manufacturing natural vitamin E by tapping on the molecular distillation method. In 2005, a powder-blending facility that incorporated an in-process traceability system was constructed.

  • Acquired ISO9001 certification in March, 2000
  • Acquired ISO14001 certification in July, 2003
soka factory

TOKYO Factory

The Tokyo Factory, which laid the first step of Riken Vitamin's corporate development, commenced its operation as a dedicated natural vitamin A factory in 1953. The Central Research Laboratory was set up here from 1953 to 1965, and technologies developed here became the foundation for the operations of the other main factories. Today, this factory handles the integrated production of microcapsule products for pharmaceuticals and foods marketed in Japan and abroad, as well as the manufacturing of health foods and ingredients.

  • Acquired ISO9001 certification in March, 2000
  • Acquired ISO14001 certification in May, 2003
soka factory

KYOTO Factory

The Kyoto Factory, established in 1985, mainly conducted research and production of colorants derived from natural materials. It has actively explored this field, successfully extracting and refining a yellow colorant from gardenia fruit in 1963 and a red colorant from cultured red yeast in 1977. The factory utilizes its proud technologies for culturing, extraction, refinement and concentration to supply safe and beautiful colorants.

  • Acquired ISO9001 certification in November, 1999
  • Acquired ISO14001 certification in September, 2003
soka factory

OSAKA Factory

The Osaka Factory has inherited the industrial concentration technology for vitamin A, the origin of Riken Vitamin's business, to develop and manufacture products for food and chemical products. It supplies a variety of products with excellent safety, including products for food products for bread, noodle, tofu and beverage industries, and chemical products for plastic and cosmetics industries. This factory's technological excellence was recognized in 1966, with the Okochi Memorial Production Award.

  • Acquired ISO9001 certification in March, 1999
  • Acquired ISO14001 certification in April, 2001
soka factory


Riken Food Co., Ltd. established its head office and factory in Tagajo-shi, Miyagi in 1964 and has since been engaged in the manufacturing of products focused around wakame. In 1966, it successfully established a manufacturing method for fresh wakame and released the major hit product, "Nama Wakame Wakame-chan". The company subsequently established "a method of manufacturing curly dried wakame"(patented). Products prepared using this manufacturing method became hit products, such as "FUERU WAKAME-CHANĀ®", "Wakame Soup" and "Hanazaiku", that are still widely in use.

  • Acquired ISO9001 certification in October, 2000
  • Acquired ISO14001 certification in November, 2002
soka factory
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