Reserch and Development:
A Proud Tradition

Tapping into the Experience Gained Through Vitamin A Development

The technological root of Riken Vitamin dates back to 1917, when Japan's first private research institute called the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (Rikagaku Kenkyusho or RIKEN) was established. Many prominent talents have emerged from this research institute, including the Nobel Prize Laureates Dr. Hideki Yukawa and Dr. Shinichiro Tomonaga as well as Dr. Umetaro Suzuki, famous for his discovery of Oryzanin (vitamin B1) and Dr. Katsumi Takahashi, who successfully extracted vitamin A from fish-liver oil. reserch In 1938, RIKEN EIYO YAKUHIN CO., LTD. was established to industrialize the Institute's achievements. Then, this company's Vitamin A department was separated to become RIKEN VITAMIN OIL CO., LTD. in 1949. Subsequently, the company adopted the current name RIKEN VITAMIN CO., LTD. in 1980. The starting point of the company was the industrial enrichment technology for vitamin A, "molecular distillation method". This method was a groundbreaking technology that allowed stable extraction, purification and enrichment of elements that exist only in a minute amount in natural materials.

Under the Policy of "Effectively Utilizing Natural Materials"


Since successfully extracting high-quality vitamin A from fish-liver oil and initiating its mass production, Riken Vitamin has conducted R&D consistently under the policy of "effectively utilizing natural materials". The policy has been upheld in all of the technologies developed, including the technology for extracting vitamins, meat extract and colorants, distillation concentration technology for monoglycerides, processing technology for wakame (an edible seaweed) products and formulation technologies, such as encapsulation and beading of vitamins.

An Eye on the Future

While firmly establishing itself as a leader in the food products industry, Riken Vitamin has kept its focus on the future, especially on the health and lifestyle-related industries which are widely expected to flourish in this century. As the demand for more natural, food products continues to grow, Riken Vitamin, with its proprietary technology and R&D expertise, has positioned itself for continuing success in the fields of food, fine chemicals and biotechnology.

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