Singapore Application Center

Presenting the Latest Food Processing Technology

Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd is a developer and producer of a wide variety of improvers that is broadly used to improve the texture and quality of processed food. Our food emulsifiers are used in various applications such as cakes, bread, noodles, ice cream, as well as fat and oil food product. In addition to emulsifiers, Riken Vitamin also provides a range of other food improvers for various purposes according to relevant consumer needs.

For example, Riken Vitamin’s Tocopherols (vitamin E), which are extracted and condensated from natural materials, are being applied in various food products to maintain their flavor.

Riken Vitamin also created a series of functional oils, which are oils with foaming and emulsification properties. Functional oils play an important role in improving the quality of cakes, noodles and many other food products.

RIKECOLOR, our food coloring range extracted from natural materials, are renowned for its safety and vividness.
In addition to that, Riken Vitamin provides seasonings line which are made of meat and fish flavor, highly concentrated by our advanced extraction and condensation technologies.

Riken Vitamin has spent many years in research and development in order to create the applied technology that guarantee the effectiveness of the ingredients. To ensure smooth introduction into consumer’s production processes, our company will readily provide technical as well as other form of support for customers. In order to be able to spread our expertise around the world, Riken Vitamin has established the Singapore Application Center.

Facilities with the Latest Equipment

At the Application Center, Riken Vitamin specialists are working hard and, focusing on consumer needs, continuously exploring new and innovative ways of making processed foods tastier, while also improving safety and effectiveness of food production process. Since recipes and processes that are tested are based on actual production ingredients and equipment, these recipes can be immediately incorporated into customers’ production lines. Riken Vitamin has installed the latest facilities to ensure that each consumer’s production environment can be duplicated at the Application Center.
Although food cultures vary widely across the globe, the quest for a reliable supply of delicious food is a universal desire. Riken Vitamin intends to provide food companies in each cultural milieu with the technologies needed to thrive in that environment.
We gladly invite you to visit our Application Center to see for yourself how Riken Vitamin can work for your food processing operations.

Encrusting Machine
(RHEON KN-600, FN-208)
Divider, Rounder
Continuous Mixer (MONDO)
Vertical Mixer (HOBERT)
Continuous Ice Cream Plant
Water Ice MachineSoft
Server (TAYLOR)

UHT Machine Homogenizer
Clean Bench
Margarine Processor
Homogenizer Emulsion Tank
Noodle Machine
Vacuum Noodle Mixer (OHTAKE)
Spring Roll Machine (DAIEI)

Evaluating Food Characteristics with a Scientific Approach

Each customer has a unique set of expectations for the quality and characteristics of food products. At the Application Center, we perform exhaustive tests to obtain the quality that customers expect at every stage, from food ingredients to processing and final products.
To ascertain the highest accuracy from a disciplined scientific approach, the Center uses a full complement of state-of-the-art R & D equipment. Furthermore, Riken Vitamin’s R & D teams work closely with the new Application Center to discover new applications with the expertise that has been accumulated over years of successful operations.

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