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Riken vitamin Co.,Ltd. carries on development research, challenge of leading technology in food field since its establishment. A number of invention and patent have been widely used in various industry.
As a external window of RIKEN VITAMIN CO.,LTD., RIKEVITA FINE CHEMICAL & FOOD INDSTRY (SHANGHHAI) CO.,LTD. begins aggressively marketing and provides technical support of all RIKEN VITAMIN Group products in China.

Provide you information and assistance promptly

Application center (AP) has strong technical force and well-appointed experimental facilities. New products will be developed based on custom demand and market trend. AP will provide all-directional, multi-tangled and effective help and support for custom’s development.


  1. Various and effective products
  2. New modernized equipment and promise of safety, excellence and high efficiency
  3. Mature development and research, all-directional application technology service
  4. Cooperate with AP in Japan and Singapore to face the international market.

Related products :

General improver, flavor improver, flour stabilizer, emulsifier, thickening agent, softener, pre-mix

Characteristic :

Increase bread volume, improve dough, keep bread soft, delay aging of bread, improve the mechanical tolerance in every step of process comprehensively, match process of Japanese bread perfectly.

Related equipments: Oven, blender, rolling machine, molding machine, bread slicer, bread crumbs machine、sclerometer, punching machine, filling machine


Related products :

SP sponge emulsifier, oil sponge emulsifier, liquid shortening, multifunctional starch

Characteristic :

Make cake soft, moist and fine mouth-melt all at once. Make cake delicious and meet the requirement of industry mass producing.

Related equipments: Oven, continuous mixer, high speed emulsifying machine, viscometer


Related products :

Series of emulsified oil, multifunctional oil, mouth feel improver

Characteristic :

Avoid mechanical adhesion, improve mouth feel, improve rehydration of fried and non-fried instant noodle, prevent adhesion, increase looseness of noodle, keep its flavor.

Related equipments: Kneading dough machine, noodle machine, steam box, frying pan, drier


Related products :

Emulsifying stabilizer for ice cream, emulsifier for special oil, quality improver for beverage

Characteristic :

Improve mouth feel, structure and shape retention of ice cream, improve comprehensive quality of cream and beverage, give the distinctive character of special oil.

Related equipments: Homogenizer, mixer, freezing machine, refrigerating machine


Related products :

Meat improver, dusting flour, coating flour, batter mix

Characteristic :

Improve quality, color, taste, flavor, and shape, and enhance its dietary and commodity values.

Related equipments: Vacuum roll to rub machine, steam box, inject machine, spring roll crisps machine, dumpling coat machine, frying pan


Related products :

Series of Japanese confectionary mix, antistaling agent for glutinous rice products, dusting flour

Characteristic :

For growing demand of Japanese snack in China, Japanese confectionary which is suitable for Chinese taste has been developed, based on traditional process and Chinese interest. Meanwhile, process of Japanese confectionary also can be improved according to custom’s requirement.

Related equipments: Filling machine, steam machine, mixer, recorder

Communication and exchange with custom

AP not only research and develop production technology and applied technology of raw materials, but also give counsel to food processing companies. AP will try the best to give technical support and counsel of new products, analysis and improvement about manufacturing process for custom.

Strive to be the birthplace of delicious food!

As professional food ingredient and quality improver company, we put "safety and guarantee" first. AP has commissioner to assure compliance since the beginning of new product development. If you have any questions about the use of health standard about our food additive products, please feel free to contact us.

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