The key topics below express our trust and pride in Riken Vitamin, which we very much want to share with you.


Our uncompromising policy to make the most of natural products and retain their nutritious value and flavor is behind all of the advanced extracting and processing technologies we use. We always strive to keep a harmonious relationship between nature and science to assure safe and healthful products.


The scope of our business is not at all limited to product development and marketing. Using our experience and high level technologies, we are active in a variety of comprehensive services that provide analysis, planning and consulting tailored for specific client problem and requirements.


Riken has and will continue to be recognized internationally as an innovator in the development and application of high-tech solutions in food and chemical processing. We have developed several kinds offoods, food ingredients and chemical improvers for increasingly sophisticated markets through our experience.


Riken's wide experience as an internationally acclaimed food processor and product consultant in the maximum use of natural ingredients represents our broad range of expertise in this field. We're experts at creating products that fulfill consumer wants and needs.


Our application centers are located in Soka (Japan), Singapore, and Shanghai (China). They have cutting-edge facilities for processed food applications and staff members with expert knowledge and applied techniques to work with customers for developing prototype products incorporating our food improvers. These centers facilitate testing in an environment close to an actual production line to assist customers in their efforts to develop products and find solutions to their issues in the manufacturing stage.

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