Improving Agents for Rubber

The term rubber refers to a large class of substances. These include not only natural rubber (NR) but also synthetic rubbers such as styrene butadiene rubber (SBR), nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) and eth- ylene propylene dimonomer (EPDM). To improve workability during processing, dispersants and processing enhancement agents are widely used.

A small quantity of Riken ́s improving agent Emaster, greatly improves rubber’s workability in kneading, rolling, injection molding and other molding processes. One suite of agents used to soften rubber is the Rikemal PL-Series of plasticizers.


Dispersants improve the compatibility of rubber, rubber chemicals and fillers to enhance dispersal, reducing mixing time and saving in energy costs. Emaster’s excellent surfactant properties facilitate the dispersion of fillers and significantly decrease the mixing time.

This product is also a powerful solution for such problems as rubber-polymer uniformity caused by different types of rubber being mixed in a polymer blend and a non-uniform vulca- nization speed, which occurs due to poor dispersion of vulcanizing agents.

Processing Enhancement Agents

Processing enhancement agents lubricate the movement of rubber during molding by reducing friction at the boundary between the metal of the processing equipment and the rubber. One problem that can occur in high-speed extrusion of rubber products is roughness on the product surface. By adding process enhancement agents, surface qualities are improved and extrusion volumes can be increased without compromising product quality. Moreover, when inserted into a rubber-polymer compound, these agents enhance the mixing of the various types of rubber, reducing Mooney viscosity.

Customers who use Emaster can boost extrusion volumes, enhance the surface quality of their extruded products, prevent adhesion of foreign matter during rolling, enhance mold releasability and reduce Mooney viscosity, among other beneficial effects.

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