Improving Agents for Cosmetics and Detergents

Riken Vitamin sells a wide range of improving agents for the cosmetics industry, comprising emulsifiers, whipping agents and thickeners.


Thickeners increase the viscosity of products such as cosmetics and shampoos, improving the skin feel and preventing dripping. Rikemal PL-100, a thickener developed by Riken Vitamin, combines anionic surfactant with excellent thickening effects at low additive level plus enhanced foaming. Rikemal PL-100 is recognized as a food additive and is listed as a highly safe ingredient in the Standards for Cosmetic Ingredients (SCI) of Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Rikemal PL-100 is a pale yellow, almost clear liquid, without flavor or odor. On its own it does not dissolve in water, but when combined with an activator it dissolves and becomes clear.


Of the many polyglycerol fatty acid esters particular offer outstanding foaming and detergent performance. This product is one of the most powerful detergents in the entire class of anionic surfactants. As an approved food additive it is used in products ranging from dishwashing, food-washing detergents to shampoos and liquid soaps.

Machine Lubricants

Production machinery, whether used to produce steel sheets or aluminum foil or to process foodstuffs, require lubricants. A wide range of additives are used in these lubricants, including oiliness improvers, abrasion resisters, extreme pressure agents, metal-surface deactiva- tors, corrosion inhibitors and pour-point reducers. In corrosion inhibitors for steelplate lubricants, Riken Vitamin favors the use of sorbitan oleates and polyglycerol oleates. For rolling oil used in production of aluminum foil for food packaging, Riken uses acetylated monoglyceride, a food additive that is part of the Rikemal PL Series, as well as the Actor Series of medium-chain fatty acid triglycerides, applied as cooking oil. These products are prized in these applications and for their excellent food safety.

The Actor Series of lubricants is used as lubricants and mold-release agents for processing machinery that come into contact with food. Furthermore, hindered-alcohol fatty acid esters, a class of high-performance lubricants, as well as polyglycerol fatty acid esters, which are noted for their outstanding safety and lubrication performance, find regular use in these applications.

Paint and Inks

Riken Vitamin markets acetylated mono- glyceride (Rikemal PL Series), a food additive used as solvents in paint and ink applications, as well as the Actor Series of medium-chain fatty acid triglycerides, which are cooking oils. These products are in great demand for applications where safety is of paramount importance.

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