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Expanding the Horizons of Product Development:
Riken Vitamin: Chemical Improving Agents

In various fields of chemical industries such as in plastics, rubber or paint lubricants, improving agents are available to assist and improve the function and productivity.

In 1959, Riken Vitamin Co., Ltd., became the first manufacturing company of high purity Monoglycerides using molecular distillation. Furthermore Riken developed specific improvers based on fatty acid esters of polyhydric alcohol. Frequent communication and technical service provided to each market ensure product efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In recent years, the movement toward better safety has gained new impetus in many industries. Particular attention has been put to products such as packaging materials and toys.

Riken Vitamin’s polyhydric alcohol fatty acid esters have gained widespread praise for their outstanding safety in food-related applications such as food emulsifiers. While continuing to deploy these highly effective agents in foodstuffs, we are also actively promoting their application across a broader scope of industrial fields.

As awareness of environmental issues take hold in today’s society, Riken Vitamin is pressing forward with efforts to respond flexibly to customer needs across the industrial spectrum, with safety, security and environment as our watchwords. We are taking up the challenge of reinventing product development for a bold new era.

Bio Additives

The RIKEN VITAMIN Group provide the renewable green additives which considered environment.

The goods of Riken effect a high function in various industrial fields, such as a plastic, rubber, cosmetics, lubricating oil, and a paint.
Service of RIKEN is technical support until the function is effectively demonstrated in not only offer of a product but a customer's product development.

Let's contribute to global environment maintenance with RIKEN.

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